Party food for pirates.
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Pirate Party Food

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Pirate things to make and do

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Pirate Party Fun

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If you are having a Pirate Party, besides organising the activities for your pirates, feeding your crew will also be another consideration. UK-Entertainers have compiled a selection of easy to make themed Pirate Party Food to keep your pesky pirates satisfied. We have listed easy to follow instructions to transform normal day to day food into a Pirate feast!

Many supermarkets or party shops have pirate accessories to help display your pirate feast. You may like to choose skull and crossbones bowls, paper plates, cups or serviettes to use at your pirate feast for relatively little cost.

Pirate crew food can be ghastly, slimy and even scary! Pirates can be dastardly so theme your food to compliment your guests tastes. Give regular food pirate names and it is immediately transformed - it's all in the presentation. Use small wooden cocktail sticks with a piece of paper cut into a flag shape attached to the top of the stick to label the food to remind you of their pirate names and entice your pirates to try the tasty morsels! Most children will enjoy eating the renamed food and get into the spirit of the meal, any child who seems a little uncertain you can reassure by explaining quietly to them that it is only pretend.

Savoury Pirate Food

Sausage Ships
Ready bought or home cooked small buffet size sausages are easily transformed into boat by adding a cocktail stick with a paper flag attached to the top.

Parrot Legs
These are chicken drumsticks under a pirate name.

Fish ‘n' Chips
Although this meal goes under its original name, surely Fish ‘n' Chips must be a favourite of pirates everywhere, especially when it is ‘fresh from the sea' that morning!

Golden Nuggets & Ruby Sauce
Chicken nuggets are a favourite and they are also a great party finger food especially dipped in ketchup (ruby sauce)!

Pirate Patches
Cook potato smiley faces following the instructions on the packet, then add a blob of ketchup into one eye of each face to make a pirate eye patches.

Shark & Seaweed Sandwiches
Mash tuna or salmon with a little mayonnaise then add some shredded lettuce on top of the filling as the seaweed.

Seagull Egg Sandwiches with Green Algae
This is a simple way to transform egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches into a seafarers ideal savoury snack.

Twisted Fingers with Slime Dip
Using a packet of cheese breadsticks (spiral shaped) display your twisted fingers on a plate around a Slime Dip of guacamole (pureed avocado).  If you are making the guacamole yourself this needs to be a last minute job as the fresh avocado will brown over time – try adding a little lemon juice to counteract this.

Sea Snakes
Use jelly worms available in most supermarkets or stores confectionary aisle, the longer the better.

Breadsticks make excellent cutlasses and if any pirates try to use their weapons, they do very little damage!

Peg Legs & Clotted Blood
Cut up a selection of fresh vegetables into batons of about finger size. You can use peppers, celery, carrot and cucumber as the Peg Legs and a bowl of tomato salsa (the chunky variety) as the Clotted Blood to dip the Peg Legs.

Bands of Gold
There are many crispy potato snacks that are ring shaped and ideal to use as Bands of Gold for your Pirate guests to pillage.

Sweet Pirate Food

Cannon Ball Carnage
Using a melon ball scoop, make cannon ball / spheres of melon, and serve in a bowl with raspberry sauce drizzled over the top.

Blood & Guts with Seagull Poo
Blood and Guts is made by making a red (raspberry or strawberry) jelly / jello mix as per the instruction on the packet. Once the jelly is made and cooled break up and stir the jelly until it is in large bobs. Add some chopped fruit of your choice to the jelly. The fruit can be fresh or from a tin for ease and speed. The Seagull Poo is simply a blob of thick cream or ice-cream served on top of the Blood and Guts.

Raft of Rubies
Using a readymade sweet waffle for the raft, place washed raspberries, strawberries, cranberries or cherries on top of the raft as the rubies.

Pirate Drink

Sharks Blood
Use red fizzy pop / soda or dilute a red cordial as this gruesome drink.

Pirates Grog
As a healthy alternative to fizzy pop / soda. There are many delicious fruit smoothies available to buy that can be renamed as your Pirates Grog. You may decide to have a specific colour or choose a really thick drink to fill your pirates to the brim!

Pirate Party Food can be simple and easy to prepare as well as tasty and gruesome to eat. The variations for Pirate Party Food are limitless; using a little imagination everyday food can be transformed into a dish fit for a Pirate!  We hope that UK-Entertainers have given you some ideas about how to feed your dastardly Pirate Crew and we hope you enjoy your pirate feasting!

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