First birthday party themes

First birthday party themes

To mark the first year of your baby is a proud day. Many parents can feel a little bewildered about where to start when planning a first birthday party. A theme is a great way to structure a party and can help you to organise your thoughts.

Many large supermarkets now carry complete ranges of themed tableware to co-ordinating invitations and decorations; your job is to choose the most appropriate for your child and pocket! UK-Entertainers are here to guide you through some options.

Teddy Bears Picnic Party

Ask each child to bring their Teddy Bear and use a plastic tea set and flat sheet to make a picnic (in or outdoors depending on the weather). Guests (and their teddies) could have small sandwiches, biscuits and water or juice served from the (cleaned) teapot.

Nursery Rhyme Party

Choose a nursery rhyme to base your party and food on. Keep everything as simple as you can use cookie cutters to make sandwiches into appropriate shapes to match the nursery rhyme.

  • The Queen of Hearts – heart shaped sandwiches (cut with a cookie cutter), jam tarts, and everyone could have a crown party hat.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Star sandwiches, biscuits and nursery rhyme board book each child.
  • Mary Mary Quite Contrary – Flower sandwiches and biscuits and a plastic watering can for each child.

Remember of course to sing the rhyme you have chosen as your theme during the party and perhaps a few others too. There are many CD’s available to help you or provide background music to your party.

Colour Party

Choose a colour and ask your guests to dress in that colour. Food can be co-ordinated by icing small cup cakes in the theme colour and decorations can be as simple as balloon sin your chosen colour to streamers and hats that all match.

A Farm Party

If you have a children’s farm nearby take a small group of children and a picnic to see the animals. Children’s farms often have petting / feeding sessions when the children can get close to and stroke the animals. Remember to make sure all adults and children in your party wash their hands frequently as especially before eating any snacks or food.

Bubble Party

Small children (and large) have a fascination with bubbles. Some leading children’s toys outlets have bubble machines powered by battery. If you have good weather you can have an outdoor bubble popping game. If you are feeling adventurous, have enough adults and a warm day baby bubble bath in a paddling pool is another excellent way for young children to enjoy bubbles.

If you decide that you would like to try and incorporate some very simple games into your them, then our article First Birthday Party Games may be of use.

The party theme can reflect your child’s interest or favourite book or TV character or you could go for a more subtle colour theme to co-ordinate the day. Whatever you decide ‘more is less’ for the one year old. One large character banner or picture is sufficient to make an impact for them. Try not to overload the children’s senses by covering all available surfaces in banners and decorations. Once the party guests have arrived, make sure that you make time for yourself to enjoy the occasion too. UK-Entertainers hope that whatever your theme you have a wonderful First Birthday Party



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