The Octonauts: An essential parents guide

The Octonauts

The Octonauts is one of the most popular pre-school television progam in the UK. Parents like the under the sea dwelling heroes as they provide educational information and facts about different sea creatures, their habits and rituals. Children are absorbed as the Octonauts bravely go about their missions to “Explore, Rescue and Protect” sea life beneath the ocean.

As a parent or carer for a young child, it is always good to be able to talk to your child(ren) about their favourite programmes.

UK-Entertainers has put together a guide to all things Octonaut! You can find out all about the characters and the parts they play in the Octonaut’s team. If you’re considering an Octonaut Themed party for your child you may find our other Octonaut articles useful, Octonauts themed party and Octonaut Cakes (coming soon).

The Octonauts live in the Octopod. The Octopod is a multi-limbed under water pod whose rooms include the Library, Octopod Headquarters (HQ), the sick bay, kitchen and garden, the laboratory and not forgetting the Launch Bay. The Octonauts are called to the Launch Bay whenever the Octo-Alert (a whooping siren) is sounded, to signal a new adventure.

The Octonauts have a range of marine vehicles called GUPs, from the GUP-A to GUP-E. Each GUP has different functions and is selected for a specific task on a mission.

There are eight main Octonaut characters that each play important roles in helping the Octonaut team carry out their daring missions, whilst keeping all members and other creatures safe from harm.

Captain BarnaclesCaptain Barnacles

Captain Barnacles is the leader of the Octonauts. He is a polar bear who is extremely brave and notes happenings in his captain’s log. He loves planning new missions and announcing “Sound the Octo-Alert!”

Kwazii CatLieutenant Kwazii Cat

Lieutenant Kwazii Cat is a fearless pirate like kitten who always wears his trusty eye patch and carries his spy glass (telescope). Kwazii loves a new adventure and can be heard exclaiming “Yeow!” at a new discovery.

Peso PenguinPeso Penguin

Peso is the Octonaut’s medic. He is a kind and gentle penguin whose mission it is to help any creature that is sick, hurt or in danger, no matter how scary they may be. Peso can usually be found carrying his medical kit and can be heard saying “Flappity Flippers!”


Shellington the sea otter is the Octonauts resident scientist who loves to study large and small sea creatures out in their habitat or in the Octopod’s lab. He can usually be seen with his magnifying glass ready to investigate and increase his knowledge about sea life. When he finds something new or exciting, he calls “Jumpin’ Jellyfish!”

Professor InklingProfessor Inkling

Professor Inkling, an octopus, works in the Octopod library, where he reads using his monocle and finds research “Fascinating”. Professor Inkling with his eight tentacle arms can do many things at once. He directs the Octonauts on their missions, provides information helping the team preserve and research their underwater kingdom.

Dashi DogDashi Dog

Dashi Dog is the Octonaut’s resident photographer. She records new and interesting finds when she is out in the ocean with her camera ‘Say Seaweed!’ She adds her pictures to the Ocotopod data base back in the Ocotopod HQ. Dashi is in charge of supervising headquarters, the launch bay and monitoring events on her computer.

Tweak BunnyTweak

Tweak the bunny is the Octonaut’s engineer who takes care of the GUPs and the Ocotopod. She makes sure everything works properly and enjoys working in the launch bay with her tool belt on. Tweak maintains all the GUPs from GUP-A to GUP-E but sometimes they don’t always work the way she expects them to!


Tunip is one of the many Vegimals that help with all the jobs in the Octopod. The Vegimals are part aminal and part vegetable and have their own language – which sometimes Shellington can understand! Vegimals love to be helpful. They are great at gardening and cooking Kelp cakes and other tasty treats for the Octonauts.

Now you know all about the Octonauts, how about planning an Octonaut Themed Party for your child? Use the UK-Entertainers easy guide to Octonaut Party food and Octonaut cakes to help you on your way to providing a colourful and enjoyable Octonaut party (coming soon).

For more information, head over to the official Octonauts web site.



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