Tips for a successful first birthday party

1st birthday party

The success of a first birthday party is not just how much the birthday child gets from the event, but also how much the parents enjoy it. Although your baby won’t remember his or her 1st birthday, the memories for you, the parent are very special. Success is in the planning and the more planning and preparation you can do beforehand, the more you will enjoy the party.

UK-Entertainers has compiled a list of tips to help you get organised, so that you can make the most of your child’s special day.

  • Make sure you have all you need prepared before your guests arrive, food is made, plated, covered and in the fridge ready to pull out.
  • Have the birthday cake (out of reach) with candle and lighter easily accessible to you.
  • Have a willing volunteer to takes photographs and video the occasion as you will probably have your hands full!
  • Invite the parents as well as your child’s friends – that way you have many pairs of hands and eyes to help throughout the party.
  • Check the party room / venue for hazards such as small objects, stairs or doorways that need baby gates and use fireguards appropriately.
  • Remove any valuable or sentimental breakables or ornaments from the party area.
  • Keep pets out of the party room.
  • Provide an area for nappy changing, perhaps with nappies, cream and wipes.
  • If you have mums who are breastfeeding, designate a quiet room for them to use, should they wish to.
  • Provide a good supply and range of age appropriate toys, all put-out in a safe play area, as very young children play in parallel – i.e. along side one another rather than with each other. These toys will allow the other adults to play with their chid so that you can play with yours.
  • If you are providing finger food or nibbles, check with the other parents for allergies or intolerances before the day. Most parents are willing to bring appropriate snacks for their child if they have an allergy or intolerance.
  • If you are serving alcohol – make sure that it is just the adults that have access to it!
  • BE FLEXIBLE! Young children can be very unpredictable and something that may be perfect at one minute can cause a child to dissolve into tears the next. Try not to get stressed about a spilt drink or bumped knee, as most parents know these events soon pass.

Above all remember that the day is to celebrate the birth of child. After all the guests have gone, food is cleared away and the house is calm again, make sure you have some special quiet time with your one-year-old to relax and enjoy your time together before bed.

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