Complete (Free) Easter Egg hunt guide for all ages

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts are a great way of starting your Easter morning. Just follow the easy instructions to create an egg hunt individual to your child. We have all the Easter Egg Hunt Clues written and ready to print, with advice on how to use them to make the Egg Hunt quicker or trickier! We’ve also provided the answers to the clues – strictly for adult use only!

Whatever the age of your child(ren) we have Easter Egg Hunt clues tailored to them. UK-Entertainers has Easter Egg Hunts for toddlers, young children working with an adult, some for children who are learning about or who understand rhymes, ones for children who can read the clues themselves and the more advanced cryptic and puzzle clues for a hunt for older or more independent children.  We’ve done all the hard work for you; all you need are the eggs!

To cater for all ages and abilities, we’ve produced 5 Easter Egg Hunts, just click on the one appropriate for your child. We’ve tried to make the clues are as generic as possible, just use the ones that are appropriate to your home and family.

You may notice that some hiding places have multiple clues so you can choose the one that’s the best fit for you, depending how you name your rooms or hiding place.

Mix and match the clues however you choose. UK-Entertainers hopes that you and your family have a fabulous time finding your Easter treats and the only rule is HAVE FUN!

Easter egg hunts for toddlers and small children

Easter Bunny Hunt

You will need:

  • Easter Bunny Cutouts on card, or paper pasted onto card
  • plastic or real eggs – enough to put at least one egg with each bunny
  • chocolate Easter egg or present
  • Easter basket to collect the eggs.

What to do:

Print our our Easter Bunny Cutouts, decide where you would like the Easter Egg Hunt to take place and put Bunny cut outs around the house and / or garden (with an egg or two with or behind each bunny if you choose). Laundry pegs are ideal for attaching the bunnies to stop them blowing away or falling down.

When all bunnies are in place, your child can walk / be carried around pointing when they see another Easter Bunny picture. Guide the child to collect the bunnies (and eggs) until you get to the last Easter Bunny who can be sitting next to their Easter Egg or gift.

Easter egg hunts for young children

This is an adult supported hunt, using our ‘Easy Easter Egg Clues – Version 1‘.

You will need:

  • A print out of our Free ‘Easy Easter Egg Clues – Version 1‘’
  • a collection of plastic or small chocolate eggs, enough to leave 2 with each clue
  • chocolate Easter Egg or present
  • a basket for collecting the eggs.

What to do:

Prior to the egg hunt or preferably the evening before, select and cut out the clues that you wish to use. Use as many or as few as are appropriate for your home, family and child(ren).

Decide on the order of your Easter Egg hunt. Do you want your child to find all the inside clues first and then the outdoor ones or a mixture of the two? Alternating the clues one inside, one outside or up and down stairs keeps the children busier for longer as they are scurrying all over the place!

Keep one clue with the welcome note from the Easter Bunny to start the hunt off. Use this first clue to tell you where the next hiding place will be, go to it and hide 2 eggs with the next clue. Continue this until you get to the final clue, this should lead to the “See you next year” note from the Easter Bunny with perhaps a chocolate egg or Easter gift for the child.

Keep the welcome note and first clue to start you off.

When you are ready for the hunt to begin, explain that the Easter Bunny has visited and left a note! Read the welcome note aloud and discuss what a ‘pair’ is and talk about trying to listen for the rhymes in the clues. Read the first clue to your child . . . you are off.

To make this Easter Egg Hunt more difficult use ‘Easy Easter Egg Clues – Version 2‘.

Read the first clue to your child emphasising the word at the end of the first line (the rhyme), and then do not say the word in bold at the end of the second line. Help your child to work out the missing rhyming word to find out where they have to go next. ie “Look outside, search a lot, Somewhere near a flower ***.” (pot).

Easter egg hunts for independent readers

For children that are independent readers, use the instructions and clues in young children section. If your child needs to read the entire rhyme use version 1, or if they will be able to work out the rhyming word, use version 2 where the rhyme is missing from the clue. Examples of the different versions are below. Follow the same instructions to print out and hide the clues.

Easy Easter Egg Clues – Version 1

Keep thinking hard, use your head,
Next a strange place, check in your bed!

Easy Easter Egg Clues – Version 2

Keep thinking hard, use your head,
Next a strange place, check in your ***!

Easter egg hunt with cryptic clues

For older children, this version is slightly trickier. Instead of working out the rhyming word, the child will need to solve a simple riddle.

You will need:

  • A print out of our Easy Easter Egg Hunt Cryptic Clues (remember to snip off the answers before hiding them!!)
  • a collection of plastic or small chocolate eggs, enough to leave 2 with each clue (optional)
  • a basket for collecting the eggs
  • chocolate Easter Egg or present.

What to do:

These clues are for independent readers who need more of a challenge. We have provided the answers too – strictly for adult eyes only! In case support is needed to decipher the clues.

Hide the clues using the instructions in the Young Children section to hide the clues putting the starting note and first clue in an envelope addressed to your child and keep out of sight until you are ready for the hunt to begin.

Although the cryptic clues are for older children you can still mix in some of the rhyming clues from Version 2 if you wish.

When you are ready for the hunt to start, ‘find’ the envelope and hand it to your child to open. Have a basket ready as they could be off at speed! The clues do not give the child the answer, but make them think about the answer, so be on hand to support if necessary.

Easter egg hunt with puzzle clues

As the puzzle clues are solved, pieces of a jigsaw egg are found. One all the pieces have been collected and arranged, the final clue on the back of the egg will be revealed which guides the hunter to the main egg prize.

You will need:

  • A print out of our Free ‘Easter Egg Hunt Puzzle Clues’ and the final clue in the ‘What to do section’
  • a marker pen & scissors
  • a collection of plastic or small chocolate eggs, enough to leave 2 with each clue (optional)
  • a basket for collecting the eggs
  • chocolate Easter Egg or present.

What to do:

Print out the Easter Egg on thick paper or once printed, paste onto plain card.

Cut around the outside curved edge of the egg.

Turn the cut out egg shape over and turn 90-degrees (to a landscape position) on the back with a marker pen in large lettering write the following clue making sure that as much of the egg is filled with writing as possible so that each jigsaw piece will have something on the back of it.

At the end of the day when all is done,
You’ve been really busy and had some fun,
Go have a look, go take a peep,
Check in the place where you go to sleep.

Turn the egg back over and cut along the straight lines to make the pieces of the jigsaw.

Keep one piece as the first clue. Use this first clue to tell you where the next hiding place will be and hide 2 eggs with another jigsaw clue. Continue this until you have hidden the final clue.

You can place the first clue in an envelope addressed to your child that they can open when you are ready for the hunt to start. Once your child has all the pieces they will need to complete the jigsaw and carefully turn each piece over to find the final clue leading them to where their Easter Egg or gift is hidden.

When you hide the clues they can be obvious and easy to find, or really hidden carefully to make the hunt trickier for example in the fridge or freezer you can hide the clue under or behind items rather than place it in full view on a shelf.

For adults only here are the answers to the Puzzle clues!!

  • Somewhere to learn, Somewhere to surf, Look on the keys To find me please. PC keyboard / Laptop
  • Sitting down having a rest, Where’s a comfy place that’s best? Sofa, settee, favourite chair
  • Pearly whites – keep them clean! Use this to make them gleam. Toothbrush / bathroom cabinet
  • You are clever, you’re no fool, Look where we keep things cool. Fridge or freezer
  • I’ll get you clean by getting you wet, They’ll be something in there for you there I bet. Bath / shower
  • You put two arms in when you go out, To go to school or when hanging out. Coat / jacket
  • Think about looking near to your feet, When you are somewhere that you eat. Under a table / next to sofa
  • You may have many, you maybe one pair, Without them wet feet … urgh that’s not fair! Shoes / boots (could be a pair that are in a wardrobe, sports kit etc)
  • Keep looking to find some more, Quite close to a bedroom **** Door
  • When you want to relax, chill out and unwind, Moving pictures on here you will find. TV

We really hope that you’ll find one of our Easter Egg hunts suitable for your child. Please send us your feedback if you use this guide and don’t forget to tell your friends!




  1. Nicole Hinton says:

    Thank you so much, the Easter Egg Hunt is going to be fantastic tomorrow!!

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    Regards Kylie xx

    PS Happy Easter to all!

  5. Tori says:

    Thanks so much for the fantastic clues. Great for children of many ages. You’ve made my Easter Egg Hunt so easy – thank you!

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  7. Marian says:

    It has become quite a tradition for our four grandchildren to come to our house for their annual Easter egg hunt – but it can be quite a task making up suitable clues. Your ideas and clues have been invaluable – thank you!

  8. michelle says:

    This is our first easter egg hunt for our four children, they don’t realise what we are going to do. I can’t wait to see their faces when they realise! These clues have been a fantastic help, wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise a big THANKYOU.

  9. Pam Massie says:

    Thank you so much these clues are awesome you just saved my chilrens Easter morning!!!!!

  10. Sarah says:

    Excellent clues for my 6 yr old’s Easter egg hunt! Thank you :)

  11. CAROLINE says:

    Fantastic web site, really looking forward to the hunt in our garden with the fantastic help of the clues supplied by UK-Entertainers.

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