Free printable underwater party invitations

Free printable underwater party invitation

Like many pre-school and primary aged children, my four-year-old loves the Octonauts. Each adventure that Barnacles, Peso & Kwazii embark on are fun and educational for a wide age range of kids… I guess that’s why parents love them too!

No surprise then that there’s a complete range of Octonaunts partyware available. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t stretch to branded partyware, download and print our free underwater party invitations.

The file is a PDF document, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to view the file.

Print as many as you need and send them to your guests to invite them to your Undersea Party. Use the invitations in conjunction with our How to make a Kwazii birthday cake and our guide to Underwater party games, decorations and underwater party food ideas (all coming soon), so that you can have an Octonauts Party that won’t cost the ocean and that will make your party go swimmingly.

If you have found these ideas and resources useful, remember to tell your friends and other underwater explorers too!

Download our free printable Underwater Party Invitation




  1. Olivia Frigerio says:

    Wonderful thank you – just saved me £6!

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