Kids go wild for Bear Making Parties

Bear Making Party

Choosing the key activity for a child’s birthday party has become a lot easier since the arrival of the Bear Making Party. Most young children find teddy bears irresistible, and the chance to make their own bear at a party and take it home afterwards, is even better than the icing on the cake!

Easy to organise

Hosting a bear making party is an ideal event for a wide age range from four up to early teens. They’re a certain hit with girls and a surprising number of boys enjoy them too! A bear making party is easy to organise, and can be held in your own home; there’s none of the fuss or expense of hiring a hall.

Children choose the bear they want to make and start enjoying the activity straight away, with the minimum of supervision. They will be captivated; you simply sit back and cherish the magic moments. At the end of the party, guests take their bears home; there’s no need for party bags.

Great choice of furry friends

We sourced our bear making kits from mail order company Be My Bear. They have a wide range of kits available, meaning every child can make a bear or other cuddly creature to capture their heart. There are so many to choose from; not just teddy bears, but also other exciting creatures such as a friendly dinosaur, lovable leopards and lions, and a smiley monkey. There are farmyard favourites, including a pony, fluffy duck and a pink piggy, plus many more, from dolphins to dalmatians, bunnies to birds, cute cats, adorable elephants and a fun frog.

Trialling the kits were 6 girls, aged 9 and a 5 year-old boy. We were fortunate enough to have good weather so were able to have the party outside. Had it been a wet day, the living room floor would have been plenty big enough to accommodate everyone.

Simple and fun

It’s fun and easy – the perfect party activity. The animal’s outer skin is ready sewn, so the child simply fills stuffs it with the safe polyfibre material, pops in the ‘wish upon a star’ charm and optional voice box, slides the one-way fastener shut and seal the velcro seam to complete their bear.

Your child’s Bear Making Party can be even more special and successful with the addition of a range of accessories. A voice box, tucked inside a paw or a tummy, brings the animal to life. There’s even a recordable voice box so a child can give their new best friend its own, personal 10 second message.

Perfectly personalised

The ‘ahh factor’ doesn’t end there. Every party guest will love to dress their creation in the specially made outfits, shoes and other accessories available. T-shirts and visors can be coloured in using the fabric pens, and decorated with self-adhesive sparkling gems, adding yet another activity to entertain the party guests. They complete the activity by filling in their creature’s personal birth certificate, and they’ve made a friend for life!

Our seven field testers definitely loved making their bears. The hardest part, choosing which animal to adopt!

Our thanks go to Be My Bear for the supply of the bear making kits. For more details on their build a bear parties, please visit their web site, or call 01492 544666.



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